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BizEd 2020 Digital Editorial Calendar

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How Will COVID-19 Affect the Future?

Experts weigh in on the future of work, education, and the economy.

Also: Meet AACSB's 20202021 Board Chair Linda Hadley


Serving the Growing Market of Nontraditional and Adult Learners

In the coming decades, the typical college student will likely not be an 18- to 22-year-old undergraduate pursuing a four-year degree. Instead, individuals of all ages will pursue training at all stages in their careers, whether to update their skills, solve immediate problems, or work toward degrees at their own pace. How are business schools designing new educational pathways and opportunities for these nontraditional learners? How is the nature of graduate-level education changing? And what competitors are seeking to attract this growing segment of the market?


Developing Leaders for a Complex Global Environment

How can business schools prepare innovative and courageous leaders to navigate risk, uncertainty, and change? Today's leadership development programs train students to succeed in a business landscape altered by a pandemic, racial unrest, and other multifaceted global challenges.


The Accelerated Adoption of Online Learning & Teaching

What lessons have schools taken from their quick adoption of remote instruction in spring 2020? We explore how business school programs have evolved to more fully embrace remote instruction and how they are helping students and faculty alike create vibrant online learning communities.


Innovations in Experiential Learning

For many students in 2020, internships and other face-to-face learning opportunities disappeared when social distancing orders in countries the world over went into effect, forcing many schools to rethink the nature of experiential learning. We look at how schools have turned to virtual internships and consulting projects for their students and whether such remote opportunities will continue after the world resumes face-to-face interactions.


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