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Analyzing Analytics

As industries around the globe become more reliant on big data, analytics programs are proliferating at business schools worldwide. What skills do employees value most? How are analytics courses shaping the business curriculum? How is the technology changing? We look at approaches business schools are taking to teach this complex and varied subject.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 9/14/18 
Departments: 10/9/18 
Ads: 11/19/18 
Issue Mails: 12/28/18


Teaching Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leaders are being asked to help organizations navigate increasingly fraught issues, from gender equality to racial injustice to social responsibility. How can the business curriculum prepare students to be aware of and responsive to social issues?

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 11/2/18 
Departments: 12/10/18 
Ads: 1/24/19 
Issue Mails: 2/27/19

MAY | JUNE 2019

What's Next in Experiential Learning?

Students increasingly expect to spend less time in classrooms and more time engaged in hands-on, action-based learning. We compare today's experiential learning to past approaches and discuss when—and whether—these immersive programs should be substituted for traditional lecture-based models.  

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 1/4/19 
Departments: 2/04/19 
Ads: 3/19/19 
Issue Mails: 4/29/19


Thinking Fast: The Nimble B-School

When should business schools cleave to tradition? When should they move on to new phases of growth? This feature focus explores what b-schools can do to stay innovative, agile, and adaptable in the face of change, whether they are newly established or have been in operation for 100 years or more.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 3/5/19 
Departments: 4/8/19 
Ads: 5/21/19 
Issue Mails: 6/28/19


Can Business Education Ease Global Tensions?

As tensions mount between individuals, political parties, and nations, what role can business education play in mitigating conflict, rebuilding relationships, and facilitating the exchange of ideas across national and philosophical borders?  

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 5/3/19 
Departments: 6/10/19 
Ads: 7/23/19 
Issue Mails: 8/29/19


Integrating Impact into the B-School Mission

To meet AACSB's 2013 accreditation standards, business schools must show that their teaching, research, and outreach align squarely with their missions, in ways that make a demonstrable impact on business and society. How can b-school leaders measure and quantify impact? How can they make sure faculty scholarship supports to mission? We share examples from schools that have achieved both goals.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 7/5/19 
Departments: 8/9/19 
Ads: 9/23/19 
Issue Mails: 10/30/19

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