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The Era of Digital Transformation

"Digital transformation" has become the latest goal of organizations, but how is digital transformation defined? To what extent is it changing business practice? And what does it mean to business education? We look at the ways business schools are responding to this emerging trend in their programs.

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Achieving Diversity

Most business schools want to bring more diverse voices to their campus, but many still struggle to achieve diversity in all its forms—encompassing not only race, ethnicity, and gender, but also age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical and mental ability. We hear from voices across business education on the obstacles that business schools still face, and how those obstacles might be finally overcome.

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MAY | JUNE 2020

The Advantages of Alliances

As the market grows more complex, business schools are discovering they are stronger when they work together, not only in one-to-one partnerships, but across consortia of institutions. What makes these alliances work? What new opportunities do they make possible? And how do b-school alliances promise to improve business education?

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Features: 1/6/20 
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B-School Budgets: How to Do More with Less?

Business schools are seeking to expand their impact—with new courses for students, new offerings for companies, more targeted research, greater support to their communities. But at the same time, their state funding is declining and they’re facing pressure to freeze or even reduce tuition. This issue will look at the ways business schools are not only generating new revenue streams, but also using their existing resources more creatively and effectively.

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Features: 3/5/20 
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Adult Learners in the 21st Century

In the coming decades, the typical college student will likely not be an 18- to 22-year-old undergraduate pursuing a four-year degree. Instead, individuals of all ages will pursue training at all stages in their careers, whether to update their skills, solve immediate problems, or work toward degrees at their own pace. How are business schools designing new educational pathways and opportunities for these nontraditional learners? How is the nature of graduate-level education changing? And what other competitors are seeking to win over this growing segment of the market?

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Features: 5/5/20 
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The High Stakes of Sustainability

The United Nations has set a deadline of 2050 for the world to reach zero carbon emissions—otherwise, its scientists warn, the consequences to humanity will be too great to overcome. This issue will look at the ongoing and mounting efforts among business schools to help the world meet this 2050 goal—and whether they’re doing enough.

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Features: 7/6/20 
Departments: 8/10/20 
Ads: 9/28/20 
Issue Mails: 10/30/20

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