CSUF Drops Mihaylo Name from B-School

More than a decade after the donor pledged US$30 million, most of the money has not been received.

The business school at California State University Fullerton.


CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY in Fullerton has announced that it is removing the Steven Mihaylo name from its business school, which now will be known as the CSUF College of Business and Economics. The school took his name in 2007 after Mihaylo pledged a US$30 million gift, but school officials say he has only honored $8 million of that commitment.

In a letter to the CSUF community, university president Framroze Virjee acknowledges an earlier $4.2 million gift from Mihaylo and writes, “We at CSUF are—and will forever be—grateful to him for that and all he has done for his alma mater.” However, Virjee also explains that the school was at odds with Mihaylo’s belief that it does not support free speech, citing that the school had to maintain “content-neutral policies regarding speech and expression.” In addition, Virjee notes that the university could not comply with Mihaylo’s proposal that the institution hire equal numbers of faculty who identify as Republicans and Democrats.

“Mr. Mihaylo has now expressly acknowledged that because of his refusal to live up to his financial commitments, the university is fully within its rights to remove his name from the college,” says Virjee. “We have thanked Mr. Mihaylo … for his prior support, and intend to move on from our relationship with him.”