Education Reimagined

Higher education is likely to be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But schools are discovering that the strategies they’ve adopted to manage the crisis are improving their programs in unexpected ways.

Education Reimagined

WHILE THE PANDEMIC has presented extraordinary challenges to business schools, many educators also are seeing unexpected benefits. That includes Harivansh Chaturvedi, director of the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) in Greater Noida, India. He notes that before the pandemic, many educators, including those at BIMTECH, had not known what they were capable of achieving. He believes that the school’s faculty, students, and staff have learned that they can face any crisis as long as they are agile and resilient, can quickly learn and adapt, and stay committed to serving their communities. Going forward, he adds, emphasis on these three aspects will serve as the foundation of the business continuity plan for BIMTECH. “Every b-school should formulate a business continuity plan and devise an adequate number of resilient strategies.”

The stories coming out of business schools, and all of higher education, have been both inspiring and eye-opening. While certain learning and administrative objectives will always be best achieved in face-to-face formats, the last few months have shown educators how much is possible when their traditional methods and procedures are stripped away.

Below, six schools share solutions they quickly devised to keep their programs going, even after their campuses were closed. Their stories represent just a small sampling of the comprehensive ways that business schools have had to reinvent their programs. But together their experiences offer a glimpse into how much the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to transform higher education in the months ahead.

Keeping a Competition Nimble

By Weston C. Hyde and Bret Crane

Students take the lead in converting a case competition to a virtual format.

Maintaining an Experiential Focus

By Harivansh Chaturvedi, Ajoy K. Dey, and Nimisha Singh

Providing hands on learning to students—even under lockdown.

The (Trade) Show Must Go On

By Lisa Barley

A reinvented class assignment highlights just how creative and adaptable our students can be.

Preparation Made It Possible

By Chris Martin

An existing disaster plan made all the difference.

Steering Founders Through Crisis

By Thad Kelling

Our biggest lesson: don't do something just because it is the way it has always been done.

An Opportunity to Advance Education

By Hessa Alfadhel, Yomna Abdulla, Waleed Abdulaziz, and Hatem Masri

This is a great time for us to push beyond limiting beliefs of what business education can be.

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