New Master's Degree Is Designed for Business Founders

The Master of Business Creation at the University of Utah will test their business models as they take courses.

The University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business in Salt Lake City has collaborated with serial entrepreneurs to co-design a new master’s degree specifically for business founders. Delivered in partnership with the Eccles School’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, the Master of Business Creation (MBC) is open to entrepreneurs who can demonstrate that they have well-developed startup ideas that they wish to pursue full-time.

Students will apply for admission to the MBC program as they would to participate in a business accelerator; the school will not take an equity interest in any companies students create as part of their study. Over nine months, cohorts of MBC students will take courses on business model testing and development, negotiation, law, accounting, strategy, leadership, and electives related to their areas of interest. In addition, they will have access to scholarships, mentors, prototyping tools, office space, and resources, as well as more than US$500,000 in grants.

The MBC is one of two new entrepreneurship programs at the university; the other is Lassonde+X, a three-course introductory program for undergraduates.