The Impact of AI

Artificial intelligence is having significant impact on project management, but few organizations are prioritizing AI preparation, according to PMI survey.

IN A SURVEY conducted in April and May of 2019, Project Management Institute, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, asked 551 project management professionals to predict the impact of AI on their jobs over the next three years. While 81 percent noted that their work is being impacted by AI, only 37 percent said that their organizations have made AI adoption a high priority.

According to respondents, three AI technologies are having the biggest impact right now: knowledge-based systems that use data to support decision making, machine learning that analyzes data and detects patterns, and decision management software that uses rules and logic to create intelligent, automated decision-making processes.

What technologies do respondents think will have the greatest impact in the future? Expert systems, which emulate human intelligence, skills, or behaviors in certain fields; deep learning, in which artificial neural networks use data to predict outcomes; and robotic process automation, which automates human tasks.

81% of project management professionals surveyed predict that their use of AI will increase between 23% and 37% over the next three years.

According to the report, firms that are “AI Innovators” will have the edge over “AI Laggards.” They will achieve on-time delivery of products and services, and their projects will meet or exceed expected returns on investment.

“Capturing the value of AI,” says Michael De-Prisco, PMI’s vice president of global solutions, “will require a new mindset, a learning culture, and support from the top to establish an organizational infrastructure that leads to success.”

Read PMI’s report, “AI Innovators: Cracking the Code on Project Performance.”