Rewarding Responsible Management Research

Award recognizes research that benefits society.

The International Association for Chinese Management Research and the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management have announced the winners of the second IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management. The award recognizes scholarship that focuses on important issues for business and society. Three distinguished winners, 12 winners, and eight finalists were selected from among the 90 articles and 16 books that were nominated.

Distinguished winners include Greg Distelhorst, Jens Hainmueller, and Richard Locke for “Does lean improve labor standards? Management and social performance in the Nike supply chain” in Management Science; Ivona Hideg, Anja Krstic, Raymond Trau, and Tanya Zarina for “The unintended consequences of maternity leaves: How agency interventions mitigate the negative effects of longer legislated maternity leaves” in the Journal of Applied Psychology; and Sheila Puffer, Daniel McCarthy, and Daniel Satinsky for the book Hammer and Silicon: The Soviet Diaspora in the US Innovation Economy-Immigration, Innovation, Institutions, Imprinting, and Identity. Distinguished winners will each receive a cash prize of US$2,000.

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