Business with Social Impact

HEC Paris encourages business to maximize social impact as well as economic performance.

HEC Paris has launched the Movement for Social * Business Impact, which aims to create a more inclusive economy by encouraging businesses to maximize their social impact along with their economic performance.

The Movement for Social * Business Impact will focus on expanding four areas: research on social impact conducted by international academic teams; teaching that concentrates on the social impact of business; deployment of social enterprises based in France; and incubation of international social businesses that offer goods and services to poor populations.

The Movement for Social * Business Impact builds on the academic research and teaching conducted by the school’s Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair, which was founded in 2009 by Danone, Schneider Electric, and Renault. It is co-chaired by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and Martin Hirsch, head of the Greater Paris University Hospitals. The chair has supported the creation of the Action Tank Social & Business, which brings together companies, NGOs, and public and academic authorities to develop projects that fight poverty.

Over the next three years, the initial founders of the chair will be joined by three new corporate partners: Sodexo, Veolia, and Total. BCG consulting firm, in partnership with Yunus Social Business, will further support the Movement for Social * Business Impact, which will be managed by the Action Tank and the Society & Organization Center of HEC Paris.

This article appeared in print in the March/April 2017 issue.