How Business Schools Are Making a Difference Close to Home

Three programs combine experiential learning with community service to make a positive, measurable, and sustained impact in their own communities.
How Business Schools Are Making a Difference Close to Home
THE WORD “IMPACT” HAS GRAND CONNOTATIONS. Where business schools are concerned, it often implies programs that have global reach and that make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

But for many schools, impact doesn’t have to be global to make a real difference. By focusing their social initiatives and experiential learning projects on needs close to home, business schools can make their resources go farther, establish stronger relationships, and amplify the good they achieve. That’s the case for these three business schools that are making a difference in their local communities—all within a few miles of their campuses.

Seeds of Service

The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business in California aims to have lasting impact on a nearby community by sending its students out into the field to help small businesses prosper.

Proof of Possibilities

The University of Stellenbosch Business School’s Small Business Academy in Cape Town, South Africa, makes a difference in the community by improving the entrepreneurial skills of local small business owners.

A Positive Force for Good

An immersive MBA leadership program at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor partners with community leaders and local entrepreneurs to improve Detroit nonprofits and neighborhoods.