Professional Education with Reach

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a global business organization working to promote international trade and responsible business conduct, has launched ICC Academy. In partnership with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, a government agency that promotes international trade, the ICC Academy will deliver more than 70 online professional courses in finance, banking, governance, and global business strategy, as well as a nine-course introductory certificate in global trade and an advanced 12-course certificate for trade finance professionals. Course fees range from US$75 to $150.

The academy also has partnered with IFS University College, a London-based nonprofit dedicated to financial education, to offer three certificates: one in international trade finance, one for documentary credit specialists, and one for specialists in demand guarantees.

The ICC Academy seeks to offer an alternative to traditional business education and deliver professional education that is accessible to individuals in remote regions of the world, says John Danilovich, Secretary General of ICC. For information, visit