B-Schools Look Ahead

How does management education need to adapt to a changing market, and what will it look like in the coming years?

Two institutions are offering papers that try to answer those questions.

The Grenoble Ecole de Management has produced “Thoughts on the School of the Future,” a white paper containing insights from professors, journalists, and corporate leaders. The publication explores its topic from six perspectives—teaching, studying, working, living, researching, and recruiting at the school of the future—and predicts how each will evolve. The authors expect educational programs to become more personalized, teaching more creative and dynamic, research more practical, and IT departments more essential to a school’s success. Download at www.grenoble-em.com/ressources/upload/fckEditor/File/WhitePaper2014.pdf.

The Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) focuses squarely on education in its own country in its newly released “The Future of Management Education.” The paper calls for more engagement between industry and business schools and notes that schools must produce graduates who are adept at dealing with uncertainty during a time of huge economic, technological, and organizational change. The report states: “It is not enough to create an economy that is ideas rich but execution poor.” Download the publication at www.abdc.edu.au/data/FoME/Future_of_Management_Education_Report_-_July_2014.pdf.