Enhancing France’s Attractiveness

How well is France competing in the global market?
Enhancing France’s Attractiveness

That’s what French researchers considered at the 8th Annual Etats de la France conference sponsored by INSEAD, which has locations in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. The conference convened experts from France and abroad to discuss the country’s economy, taxation policies, innovation and research levels, and social policy and employment conditions.

“France: why the battle for attractiveness is far from lost” was presented by Bruno Lanvin, executive director of the INSEAD European Competitiveness Initiative (IECI), and Javier Gimeno, INSEAD’s professor of strategy and academic director of the IECI. They recommended that France should enhance the effectiveness of public spending to reduce fiscal pressure, relax regulatory constraints that restrict business competitiveness, and bolster support for technology transfers. They also called for the country to create an environment conducive to entrepreneurial risk taking, attract key talent by implementing a selective immigration policy, and welcome high-potential populations.

France has fallen from 15th place on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index in 2006 to 23rd place in 2013. The report’s authors believe this trend can be reversed if France takes advantage of assets such as excellent telecom and transport infrastructure and a well-educated workforce. For the full report, visit centres. insead.edu/eu-competitivenessinitiative/events/state-france.cfm.

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