Uptick for MBAs

Applications have increased by almost a third since 2015.

MORE PEOPLE THAN ever before are applying for EMBA programs, according to the Executive MBA Council, which recently released the results of its 2019 EMBAC Membership Program Survey. In fact, applications have increased by 31.6 percent since 2015.

The general profile of the typical EMBA student remains steady: He or she is a 38-year-old who has approximately 14 years of work experience and nine years of management experience. But there have been several significant changes in EMBA programs and attendees in the past five years, according to EMBAC:

Uptick in MBAs

According to EMBAC, a majority of people apply to EMBA programs to increase their skills, enhance career development, and gain new perspectives on the business enterprise through a more strategic lens. The healthcare/pharma/biotech sector continues to be the most popular field for new entrants to seek employment, with technology next in line.

The EMBA Council includes more than 200 colleges and universities that administer more than 300 programs around the world.