New Projects in Business Education - September 2019

SSRN announces online citation tracking service, and GBSN offers case study grants to researchers.


The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) has launched CiteRight, a new service that shows where papers on SSRN have been cited by other researchers, both on SSRN and across the web. According to the organization, “As SSRN has grown, we have recognized the need to adapt our citations management so that we can more quickly and accurately meet the increasing rate of submissions to our site.” CiteRight, which replaces CiteReader, incorporates two new elements. The first is a reference extraction algorithm that can extract citations of papers on SSRN when they are uploaded or revised. The second element is a connection to the CrossRef look-up service, which can display indicators of how papers are being shared across the internet.


IÉSEG School of Management in Paris and Lille, France, has launched 60 seconds: Inside Research, a series of videos that highlight potential applications of the school’s research for companies and organizations. In each video, professors take approximately one minute to explain an aspect of their research, including how organizations could use their findings. The first three videos posted to IÉSEG’s YouTube channel include one on the success of crowdfunding campaigns by Mikael Petitjean, one on green concerns in freight transportation by Stefan Creemers, and one on the influence of product placement on consumers by Tina Tessitore. Over the next few months, the school will post new videos that delve into other areas.


Sagar Samtani, assistant professor of information systems and decision sciences at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business in Tampa, has received a grant of US$175,000 from the National Science Foundation. Samtani will use the funding to study the “dark web” to identify emerging cybersecurity threats to consumers and companies. He also will work with Cyber Florida to disseminate his findings at conferences and symposiums.


The Global Business School Network, an organization dedicated to advancing management education in emerging economies, and The SWIFT Institute, a nonprofit that funds research on transaction banking, have partnered to offer grants for researchers to write case studies on cybersecurity and wholesale banking in emerging markets. The partners invite researchers to apply to receive funding to support their case writing and will award up to three grants of a maximum US$5,000 each. To be eligible, applicants must have backgrounds in finance, cybersecurity, or risk management, and they must be faculty members at GBSN member schools. The application deadline is September 30. Learn more.