RRBM Reimagines the Role of Business Research

Educators gather at summit to chart a path toward producing research with greater relevance to business and society.
RRBM Reimaginies the Role of Business Research

Participants at the RRBM summit on responsible research gather to discuss ideas presented during individual group sessions. (Photo by Chris Gorzeman, Capital Images)


THIS SUMMER, the Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM) consortium, a global alliance of researchers and academic institutions, held its first Global Responsible Research Summit. More than 65 academic administrators from 46 business schools convened in the Netherlands to attend the day-and-a-half-long summit, hosted by Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management (RSM).

Participants formed ten working groups that, over four sessions, explored how to help RRBM gather momentum, how to better the world through research, what the future of research should look like, and what current examples of responsible research could serve as models.

In addition, attendees wrote and shared personal “I WILL” statements, in which they each committed to taking a particular action over the next year. Commitments ranged from creating special seminars for doctoral students to publishing special journal issues on topics of social importance to recognizing scholars for their responsible research.

In its essence, the summit’s objective was to explore the question, “How can we make research that is engaged and relevant for both business and society?” explains Wilfred Mijnhardt, policy director at RSM. The gathering, he adds, was an opportunity for researchers and administrators to rethink the role of business scholarship, explore new metrics for measuring social impact, and reinforce the group’s commitment to serve society through responsible research.