Powering Up Education

Cintana Education aims to increase access to higher education for adults in emerging nations.
Powering Up Education

ACCORDING TO THE World Bank, individuals can increase their earnings by 17 percent for each year of post-secondary schooling they complete. However, in developing countries, it is estimated that only 8 percent of young adults are enrolled in college, compared to 74 percent of young adults in wealthy nations.

To increase the number of young adults worldwide who pursue post-secondary education, Laureate Education, a public benefit corporation that expands global access to higher education, has collaborated with Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe to form Cintana Education.

“In an era where higher education remains the most powerful global lever for economic mobility, [Cintana’s] goal is to empower selected institutions outside of the United States to achieve their ambitious goals for growth in scale and quality,” says Douglas Becker, founder of Laureate Education as well as founder and chairman of Cintana Education.

“U.S. institutions have increasingly focused on attracting international students to the U.S., but few have been able to engage effectively at the local level outside of America to help institutions advance in their home country,” says Michael Crow, president of ASU.

The ASU-Cintana partnership will partner with government entities and the private sector to support the development of startup universities equipped to meet the needs of their countries. It will focus primarily on building capacity at nonprofit universities outside the U.S. Participating universities will become part of the Cintana Alliance, a global network of universities.