Classes for COOs

An exec program for chief operating officers.

The Stanford University Graduate School of Business in California has created The Emerging COO: Driving Innovation and Operational Excellence, an executive education program for current and aspiring chief operating officers, as well as senior-level operations leaders. The Emerging COO is the business school’s first open enrollment blended program.

The three-month program, which will run from July to October, combines online learning with six days of experiential learning on the school’s campus in Silicon Valley. It will be delivered in three modules— one in strategy and finance, one in operational excellence and innovation, and one in which participants will carry out projects at their organizations using design thinking methods.

COOs now can be found at even small startups, not just large companies, says Stefanos Zenios, professor of operations, information, and technology. “COOs are often the unsung heroes in their senior leadership suite of organizations. They are the builders, the ones who work quietly behind the scenes to make the organization work.”