AACSB 2019 Business School Data Guide

This annual guide features b-school data such as program trends, faculty and student demographics, business school finances, characteristics of deans, and more.

2019 Business School Data Guide

The 2019 Business School Data Guide is now available for free download. The guide, now in its 19th year, provides a high-level look at the current business education landscape, using aggregate data from across AACSB’s Business Education Intelligence surveys.

The 2019 guide shares results related to business school finances, staffing, programs, and student enrollment and degrees conferred. New to this year’s guide are revamped faculty, staff, and students sections, featuring demographic breakdowns.

If you are associated with an AACSB member school, we encourage you to visit DataDirect. Within DataDirect, all members will find complimentary access to a variety of AACSB resources, including the complete Innovations That Inspire collection, benchmarking access for the Collaborations Survey, summaries of numerous AACSB data reports, past publications of the Business School Data Guide, and much more.

If your school has participated in the most recent years’ surveys, you will also have the opportunity to access the benchmarking tools for nearly all of the data within this guide, customizing it with your own set of schools and filters. For more information on how you can access the data for benchmarking, visit DataDirect to get started.

The data shared within this guide, and available within DataDirect, were provided by AACSB’s global membership, through annual surveys that span many functions of the business school. In some cases, the data may not be reflective of the overall higher education environment.

If you have questions regarding any of the data shared within the Data Guide, please contact us at [email protected].