Tools of the Trade | March / April 2019

Now available: credentials from Learning Machine Technologies, Team Games from Cypher Learning, ethics videos from the University of Texas at Austin, and tailored communications tools from ETS.


Learning Machine Technologies has made it possible for education providers to issue both Blockcerts and Open Badges. Open Badges, a documentation system developed by the Mozilla Foundation. is used to provide microcredentials; Blockcerts, a system developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is used to provide digital credentials such as transcripts and diplomas in tamper -evident formats. Visit


Learning platform provider Cypher Learning has added Team Games to its learning management system. NEO.In addition to being able to create games and award badges for individual task completion, teachers now can track student team performance and the contributions of each team member. Visit


The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin has expanded its line of free, research-based videos called Ethics Unwrapped. The 29 new one-minute videos in the Scandals Unlimited series include case studies and ethical insights related to scandals that have occurred in professions as varied as business, sports, and medicine. The school also has added a new video on implicit bias. Visit


A new tool is now available to admissions professionals who want to tailor their communications to prospective graduate students. HigherYield. developed by the Educational Testing Service, combines ETS's GRE Search Service and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Search Service with Enrollment Marketing Platform. a tool developed by consulting firm Liaison International. HigherYield allows admissions staff to select prospective applicants from a global database by criteria such as demographics, location, discipline, and test scores, in order to send more targeted, personalized communications and generate stronger response rates. Visit