New Projects in Business Education – July 2019

BIMTECH announces research fellowships, Strathclyde studies primary education, and Emerald makes commitment to using broader metrics to evaluate research.


Researchers at business schools outside India are invited to apply for one of 20 three-month fellowships at the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) in Greater Noida, India. Offered on a rolling basis, the fellowships include eight in entrepreneurship, eight in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and four in general disciplines. The fellowships are intended to assist young researchers who wish to collect data or advance research related to India, engage in joint research with scholars in the country, or simply further their doctoral or post-doctoral study. Selected fellows will be expected to stay on campus and conduct seminars and other scholarly activities. They will receive stipends of €2,000 (approximately US$2,230). For information, contact assistant professor Nimisha Singh


The Strathclyde Business School in the U.K. has received £130,283 (US$164,651) from the Nuffield Foundation With the funding, Markus Gehrsitz, Stuart McIntyre, and Graeme Roy of the school’s economics department will use data from the Scottish government to build a dataset that follows every Scottish pupil from primary school until one year after they leave high school, in order to create a tool to analyze education policy and practices and evaluate policy interventions. The project will run through 2020.


Emerald Publishing is one of the latest signatories to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which holds that journal-based metrics are often applied incorrectly in the evaluation of research, especially where it applies to hiring, promotion, and tenure in academia. The company plans to implement several of DORA’s recommendations. These include featuring journal impact factors with other journal-based metrics, making article-level metrics available, encouraging Emerald’s editors and authors to recognize that rigorous research is not limited to journal publication, and introducing new open access opportunities.

“Working with our communities,” says Emerald’s CEO Vicky Williams, “we will discover and experiment with new forms of digital content to help researchers to better tell the story of their work.” Learn more.