EMBA Snapshot

A quick look at who is currently enrolling in executive MBA programs.

Last fall, the Executive MBA Council released its 2017 EMBA Membership Program Survey, which provides an overview of the students who are attending EMBA programs. According to the survey, the average student is 38 years old and has 14 years of work experience. Just over 30 percent are women.

And most of them are picking up at least some of the tab for those executive courses. Forty-five percent of EMBA students are wholly self-funded, according to the report, while 35 are partially funded.

Yet students generally think the expense is worth it. The average class size was up in 2017, particularly in larger programs, most of which are outside of North America. Students report that they are pursuing EMBAs to improve their skills in a globalized market, master new technologies, gain new perspectives on business issues, and develop their careers.

For more information, visit www.embac.org.