The EdTech Difference

Industry professionals such as Liza Dunning of Airbnb have recorded video lectures called expert sessions that are among Stukent's digital courseware.

Liza Dunning

From meeting the challenges in startups, helping mid-sized companies move forward, and handling decisions at large corporations, students exposed to content that aligns with industry expectations are making a big difference in business.

Take Anna Grady Wilson for example.

A senior at Clemson University, Wilson has transferred her education into employment as a marketing manager in the healthcare space. Core to her success is what Wilson learned by using two educational tools made available from the edtech company Stukent, a digital courseware provider focused on up-to-date resources that connect students with industry.

Stukent’s approach includes not only digital courseware including textbooks and marketing simulations, but lesson plans, projects, and access to recorded video lectures by industry professionals.

Such content packaging is in step with what Ricky Ye, PhD, wrote about in his eSchool News article about educational trends for 2018: “While teachers already understand the importance of branching out from the traditional textbook, regulatory roadblocks make it difficult to get approval from administrators to purchase physical edtech products to incorporate into lesson plans. Considering this, edtech companies will likely move away from developing physical products, towards selling services (think: content, curriculum ideas) that can make even the driest subjects fun and interesting.”

Content that gets students ready for future jobs is of particular value. And for Wilson, that content was presented through the social media simulation Mimic Social and the strategic planning platform Commspoint Influence from Nielsen.

Stukent Students

“Mimic Social allowed me to curate content and see how it would perform if I were to actually post it. It also showed me tips and tricks for navigating different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and newsletter platforms like MailChimp,” Wilson said.

She is now involved in driving brand development and recruitment for a company at which she has “been offered the opportunity to develop [the] marketing strategy from scratch,” she says. “We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. It has been an incredible opportunity to test which strategies work for our brand based on the tools I was given by Stukent.”

The success Wilson and other university students have experienced with advancements in education technology is telling of a growing dynamic in the overall field of education. In an EdTech Digest guest column published earlier this year, educational investor Anjli Jain writes that according to “IBIS Capital, a London-based consultancy, the edtech market is predicted to reach $252 Billion by 2020, i.e. around triple than what it was in 2013.”

The growth of edtech generally converges with what Stukent founder Stuart Draper found about digital marketing curriculum specifically. While teaching a university-level marketing course, Draper found that teaching resources did not adequately prepare his students for the corporate landscape they were about to enter.

After digging around, he found that his problem was not unique. A number of universities across the country were not even offering digital marketing courses and many of those that did were not keeping pace with business.

So, Draper went to work. He teamed with Jeff Larson, a marketing professor at Brigham Young University and Wharton School graduate, to coauthor a digital marketing textbook that is offered with a marketing simulation to give students real-world experience with digital marketing decision-making, scheduling, and analytics.

Draper hopes that this and other courseware from Stukent will continue to benefit students like Wilson who will take their educational experiences into the workforce of today—and tomorrow.

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