SNHU Issues Blockcerts to Graduates

Graduates from Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America can opt to receive immediately sharable, instantly verifiable diplomas.

Southern New Hampshire University has adopted an open-source blockchain-based credentialing system, through which it will issue both paper diplomas and blockchain certificates, or Blockcerts, to grads from its competency-based College for America.

This past spring, students could receive Blockcerts immediately upon graduation, compared to the ten business days it would take to receive paper diplomas. Graduates who downloaded the open-source Blockcerts app and accepted SNHU’s invitation to receive blockchain credentials could immediately share their digital diplomas with employers and on social media. The app can include credentials issued as Blockcerts from any school, government, or organization.

MIT Media Lab developed Blockcerts in collaboration with Learning Machine, a software company specializing in blockchain-based digital identity and credentials. The digital documents are anchored to a blockchain platform, where they are unalterable and can be instantly verified from anywhere in the world.

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