Highlighting Women Thought Leaders

INSEAD recognizes 50 female faculty.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY to recognize the contributions women academics have made to the world of business? This summer, INSEAD Business School, headquartered in Fontainebleau, France, recognized its own faculty and doctoral alumni through its “50 Years, 50 Women, 50 Ideas” initiative. The initiative was launched in honor of the school’s year-long celebration of iW50, a campaign that marks the 50th anniversary of the year that the first women graduated from the school’s MBA program.

The 50 who were showcased demonstrate a broad diversity in their research topics, points out Laurence Capron, dean of faculty and professor of strategy at INSEAD. For instance, Zoe Kinias, an associate professor of organizational behavior, has noted that self-affirmation, achieved by reflecting on personal values, can eliminate gender gaps in business students’ performance. Xiaowei Rose Luo, an associate professor of entrepreneurship, has posited that widely held cultural views shape securities analysts’ assessment of family firms. And Hilke Plassmann, chaired professor of decision neuroscience, has concluded that marketing changes the way products and services are perceived in the brain.

The summit featured lectures and panel discussions, sessions that delved into issues of gender parity, and workshops on mentorship and coaching.

For more information, visit www.insead.edu/events/iw50-summit.