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The Global Business School Network has launched a program for deans and directors at business schools in developing nations. ...View all

The Global Business School Network has launched a program for deans and directors at business schools in developing nations. Designed by representatives at GBSN member schools, the program has been created to help these leaders set strategy, manage risks, support faculty, and lead diverse stakeholders in volatile environments.

The University of Miami School of Business Administration in Florida is changing its name to the University of Miami Business School. The name change, which will be accompanied by a new logo and marketing campaign, is part of an overall strategy to raise the school’s profile.

The Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation at Indiana University in Bloomington has launched the IU Philanthropic Venture Fund to provide early-stage capital to help faculty, students, and staff at all of the university’s campuses develop their research and innovations into startup companies. The fund will start with US$15 million, but the school hopes to grow it to $50 million or more via donor gifts.

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, has announced the name of its new online public university for working adults: Purdue University Global. The creation of the online university stems from Purdue’s purchase of Kaplan University last year. Purdue Global, which will have its main campus in Indianapolis, was set to launch in April under the chancellorship of Betty Vandenbosch, previously president of Kaplan University.

Three Midwestern U.S. universities have joined the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF) “Phase 0” pilot program to help early-stage startups commercialize their technology in their states. They include Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana; the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor; and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of the pilot, the universities will help nonacademic teams participate in I-Corps, an NSF program to help scientists commercialize their research.