B-Schools Strengthen Connections to Industry

How three business schools are redefining the ways companies and governments are contributing to their curricula.
When Accounting Met Analytics

Whether because of advancing digital technologies or an increasingly complex global economy, today’s business school graduates will be expected to possess broader knowledge and more specialized skill sets than ever before. Wishing to leave nothing to chance, many employers are getting more involved in curriculum design, so they can help business schools produce graduates with skills suited to specific jobs and sectors. Here, we share three examples of today’s more multifaceted academic-industry partnerships. These stories reflect the ways industry and business schools are working together to ensure better outcomes for business students and employers alike.

When Accounting Met Analytics

KPMG partners with b-schools to create master’s programs that update a traditional field with the latest technology.

In Service of a Sector

How a single phone call led one business school to tailor a new program to the needs of Singapore’s international commodities sector.

The Engaged Campus

At Cornell Tech, industry interactions are infused into the curriculum.

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