IMA, NABA Promote Diversity

Accounting organizations plan to create suite of programs designed to boost minority representation.

Two prominent organizations in accounting—the Institute of Management Accountants, which boasts a global membership of 85,000, and the National Association of Black Accountants, which represents more than 200,000 U.S.-based professionals—have announced plans to team up to promote greater inclusion and support the advancement of minorities in the profession. Together, they will sponsor webinars, speakers, and the creation of content advocating themes such as diversity, certification, and the future of the profession.

Both organizations invite business school administrators and faculty to join the effort, particularly when it comes to creating more paid internship opportunities and business school-based scholarships, says Linda Devonish-Mills, director of the IMA's technical accounting activities.

“Accounting firms often partner with business schools through these initiatives,” says Devonish-Mills. "Both the IMA and NABA are embracing a commitmen to promote, to members and nonmembers, diversity and inclusion within the accounting profession.” Through their partnership, the two organizations plan to provide business schools with resources such as student conferences, mentorship programs, scholarships, and professional development courses.

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