Stable Market for Most Master's Grads

The political climate is still a concern for international graduates.

The job market remains mostly stable for students graduating with MBAs and master’s-level business degrees—with the exception of international students. This is the most notable takeaway from the Fall 2016 Recruiting Trends Survey conducted by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA). Conducted in January, the survey garnered responses from 87 schools, of which 83 percent were based in North America, 11 percent in Europe, and 5 percent in Asia.

Among them, 41 percent reported an increase in on-campus recruiting for full-time MBA students in fall 2016, and 29 percent reported that they had seen no change. Twenty-three percent of schools reported they had seen an increase in recruiting for part-time MBAs, and 50 percent reported no change. Schools with specialized master’s programs reported similar activity, with 23 percent seeing an increase and 47 percent seeing no change.

The biggest area of concern? The recruitment of international MBA students without permanent work visas. Fifty-one percent of schools reported a decrease in the recruiting of these students, compared to 38 percent in fall 2015. In responses to a follow-up survey, respondents indicated that employers were becoming increasingly cautious in their recruitment of international students because of uncertainty about what would happen with immigration policies in many countries, especially the U.S.

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