Ten Most Popular BizEd Articles of 2016

Our top ten articles of 2016 highlight the changing environment in which business schools find themselves—and set the stage for their continued evolution in 2017.

What topics appealed most to BizEd’s readers in 2016? Judging by the most-viewed stories on our website, readers were highly interested in factors shaping the future of business schools, from the future of work and the changing role of faculty to the adoption of new pedagogical approaches and commercialization of new technologies. Articles focused on the industry’s past also made an impression. One of the most popular was “How Management Education’s Past Shapes Its Present,” which appears in March/April’s special issue commemorating AACSB International’s 100th anniversary. Our top ten articles of the last year, listed below, highlight the changing environment in which business schools find themselves—and set the stage for their continued evolution in 2017.

1. All Facets of Faculty
September/October 2016
Few professors can be devoted to research, inspired by teaching, committed to service, and driven to lead—but all have different talents to contribute to an institution’s mission. That’s why business schools are adopting more formal, flexible, and comprehensive frameworks that enhance and reward all of the strengths they bring to the table.

2. Teaching Business Students to Ask Better Questions
July/August 2016
Great managers ask great questions. That’s why strengthening students’ questioning skills should be an essential part of every business school’s core curriculum.

3. Focus on the Future: Are Business Schools Ready for the Future of Work?
January/February 2016
There’s no time like the present for the business curriculum to address changes in four fundamental areas of business.

4. Rebuilding an MBA Program from the Ground Up
July/August 2016
By inviting industry to help overhaul and deliver its struggling MBA, the University of Houston–Downtown grew its program from smallest to largest in the Houston market—in just three years.

5. How Management Education’s Past Shapes its Present
March/April 2016
Management education has always striven to inculcate a culture that is both practical and responsive to society’s needs. Every tension the industry has experienced in its past continues to affect it today—and will reverberate into its future.

6. Focus on the Future: Changing the Dynamic by Adopting a Future-Focused Business Curriculum
January/February 2016
How business schools are bringing the future of work into today’s curricula.

7. View from the World: Business School Deans Reflect on the Evolution of Their Industry
March/April 2016
Administrators from nine schools offer their perspectives on a century of management education: how we got here, where we are now, where we’re going next.

8. State of Development: B-Schools Support Campus Commercialization
July/August 2016
What elements support successful university-based commercialization? A look at how the process has evolved at five universities and what the implications are for business innovation.

9. Business School Deans Step Up As Provosts and Presidents
September/October 2016
More business school deans are moving up the administrative ladder to become university provosts and presidents. What can they expect as they take on these new roles? How can they prepare for the next level of responsibility?

10. Global and Campus Free
November/December 2016
How a “no-campus” model that prioritizes fieldwork and experiential learning over coursework could turn higher education inside-out.