Tools of the Trade | November / December 2016

An app to encourage college students and young professionals to think more creatively, a dashboard that helps faculty identify pitfalls and enhance course design, and a diagnostic tool to develop programs that maximize career ROI for students.
Tools of the Trade | November/December 2016


Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg have created a web-based app as a companion to their book Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results. The app, Innovate! Inside the Box, is based on the five-step method Boyd and Goldenberg created called Systemic Inventive Thinking (SIT). The pair designed the app to encourage college students and young professionals to think more creatively and show them that innovation doesn’t necessarily require “outside the box” thinking.

Users bring an existing product or service they wish to develop to the app, which then walks them through five SIT techniques, from subtracting a feature from a product to see what happens to thinking of unexpected connections. With the help of guides, dialogue boxes, and note-taking tools, the process is meant to help users spark, manage, and evaluate new ideas and find new solutions to problems.

Boyd is an associate professor of marketing and innovation at the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business in Ohio. Goldenberg is a marketing professor at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel, and a visiting professor at Columbia Business School in New York City. The pair launched the app in April and planned to use it in their own classes during this fall semester. Individual users can subscribe to the platform for an annual cost of US$12. Innovate! Inside the Box, as well as a guide for faculty for its use, is available at


Instructional design firm iDesign has added a Continuous Improvement Dashboard to its suite of services that schools can integrate into their existing learning management systems. The dashboard allows faculty and instructional designers to track and benchmark the time it takes for students to complete different tasks and progress through a course so they can identify pitfalls and enhance course design. Visit


To help higher education institutions improve their career services programs, Keypath Education and Huron Consulting Group have introduced a Student Lifecycle Career Diagnostic and Survey. Through this offering, they will evaluate an institution’s practices and strategies against industry standards, conduct proprietary surveys with students and alumni, provide information on industry best practices, and help university leaders develop actionable programs to maximize career ROI for students.

“Most university leaders lack the metrics to know which programs and services are having the greatest impact,” says Huron’s Peter Stokes. “We believe this solution can help schools get more from their programs, identi¬≠fy gaps, and map a way forward to a stronger career preparation offering.” Visit