Tools of the Trade | May / June 2016

A cloud-based platform designed to help schools of business and engineering track students’ consultancy projects and course activities with an employer-project component.
EduSourced Platform Helps Schools Track Experiential Projects
As experiential learning becomes a more integrated part of education, business schools are faced with the increased challenge of tracking all student extracurricular activities. That reality led David Comisford, who graduated with his bachelor’s in business from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, to launch EduSourced in 2014. The cloud-based platform is designed primarily to help schools of business and engineering track their students’ consultancy projects and any course activities with an employer-project component. It also helps them scale their experiential projects, consolidate initiatives across the curriculum, and streamline and coordinate communications among faculty, students, alumni, and corporate partners. EduSourced is currently integrating LinkedIn and GitHub into student profiles.

The College of Business at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign began using the platform in 2014 to coordinate 70 projects by 350 students across the university. The projects were submitted by a range of organizations, from startups to nonprofits to large companies. The school also uses the platform to track post-graduate placement rates of students who participate in real-world experiences as one way to measure the impact of different types of experiences on student success.

EduSourced can be licensed for a single department or college wide. Departmental pricing ranges from US$4,200 to $15,000 based on the number of projects; college wide licensing is based on how many different programs the school plans to link and track. Visit