A Website for the Future

THIS SUMMER, AACSB INTERNATIONAL announced the launch of www.aacsb.edu/vision, a website dedicated to facilitating a global conversation about the future of business education. Led by AACSB—with input from the business community, higher education community, and other business education stakeholders—the new site considers the shifting roles of management and the evolving expectations of management education across the globe.

As part of the activities connected to the celebration of AACSB’s centennial, the site will challenge business schools to explore new and more effective business practices, promote ethical business principles, and contribute to prosperity and well-being for populations around the world. By asking stakeholders to envision the future and share their insights, AACSB intends to establish a guiding framework that works for industries, systems, and cultures around the globe.

“Although the world’s business schools have evolved within different conditions and contexts, for the last 50 years the prevailing vision has been defined by the need to strengthen the scholarly foundation of business degree education,” says Santiago Iñiguez, incoming chair of the AACSB board of directors, president of IE University , and dean of IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. “But the environment is different now. It is more global, dynamic, and uncertain, and it is changing still. The time is right to challenge assumptions, to rethink systems, and to plant the seeds for cultural change.”