Honors for BizEd

BIZED HAS RECEIVED SEVEN HONORS in the 2015 Charlie Awards competition hosted by the Florida Magazine Association, which recognizes excellence among Florida publications.

BizEd swept the category of best service feature for an association magazine. Co-editor Sharon Shinn won a Charlie Award—the gold medal—for “What to Build When You’re Building” in the September/October 2014 issue. Co-editor Tricia Bisoux won a silver award for “Navigating Change,” which appeared in January/February 2015. Contributors Munir Mandviwalla, Michael Goul, Larry Dignan, and Brad Jensen won a bronze for “Plotting a Course for STEM” in March/April 2015. Bisoux also won a bronze medal for her editorial “Constant Contact,” which appeared in July/ August 2014. In addition, the magazine won a bronze award for best overall writing.

BizEd also won two awards in design categories—a Charlie for the illustration by Stephanie Dalton Cowan that accompanied “So You Think You Can Dance?” in January/February 2015, and a silver for best redesign. Starting with the January/February 2015 issue, the magazine has been designed by 2COMMUNIQUÉ.