Student Signature

AAC&U advocates independent projects for all college students.
ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS should be encouraged to spend at least one semester producing “Signature Work”—projects related to a problem important to the student and to society. To create their Signature Works, students could choose to do research, a practicum, a creative project, a community-based project, or a collaborative project, as long as these activities involve inquiry, analysis, reflection, and visible results. This is the call that went out from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) at its Centennial Annual Meeting earlier this year.

“It is time to break free of an outdated mindset that equates course completion with college success,” according to AAC&U president Carol Geary Schneider. “The challenge of our time is to ensure that all college students are well-prepared to tackle unscripted problems with the broad knowledge and cross-cutting skills that will help them flourish in today’s world.”

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