Degrees of ROI

The value of a college degree is deceasing in the eyes of college grads.
In a phone survey of 2,023 U.S. college graduates of all ages, 50 percent believe that the return on investment (ROI) for a college degree today is lower than it was ten to 15 years ago. Wealthier college graduates are the most pessimistic—69 percent of those with annual incomes of more than US$100,000 believe today’s grads will see a lower ROI on their degrees, compared to 47 percent of those making less than $35,000. The top two reasons for their pessimism? High student debt and low starting salaries. Other reasons include insufficient career placement services and longer times to degree completion.

The 2015 College Degree Investment Survey was conducted by Nielsen (formerly Harris Interactive) for Greenwood Hall Inc., an education management solutions firm.