Customized and Mobile

INSEAD develops customized online solution to meet corporate training needs.
INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, has launched a new digital educational offering called the INSEAD Customised Online Solution. The web- and mobile-based program is built around video lectures from the school’s faculty; each lecture is filmed specifically for each client and features a studio audience drawn from the target population. Content also includes discussion forums, quizzes, and guides that help learners immediately apply new knowledge to their jobs. An early pilot program for thousands of Microsoft employees resulted in completion rates of more than 80 percent.

“Customized online is a ‘blue ocean’ opportunity for us,” says Peter Zemsky, the deputy dean and dean for strategic initiatives and innovation. “Currently, business schools are able to address, at most, 5 percent of corporate training needs, despite the fact that our faculty have critical expertise that would help employees and organizations stay relevant in fast-changing markets. Online allows us to greatly increase access. High quality and customization allow us to assure the engagement necessary for effective learning.”

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