Careers in the Curriculum

Career development is a crucial element in any business program, but it can be difficult to get students into the career services office to take advantage of the tools and guidance it has to offer.

This can be especially true for schools that serve large, geographically dispersed student populations. That’s why, in January, Webster University’s Walker School of Business and Technology in St. Louis, Missouri, launched its Career Management Program for its more than 11,000 master’s level students studying at any of its campuses in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Offered through global talent and workforce firm Right Management, the program will be delivered in two phases. In phase one, students will enroll in a required one-credit online course, “Career Success for the 21st Century,” and work with a Right Management career coach.

After completing the course, students have the option to complete phase two, which includes 12 months of personalized career development, including one-on-one career coaching; creation of a career action plan; and concentrated work on their résumés, interviewing skills, and negotiation skills. Those who complete phase two will receive lifetime career and job search support through Right Management.