Udacity to Offer ‘Nanodegrees’

UDACITY RECENTLY ANNOUNCED its creation of nanodegrees, which it describes as “a new type of credential for a modern workforce.”
Udacity to Offer ‘Nanodegrees’

With the help of about US$1.5 million from AT&T, Udacity will offer bundles of hands-on job-specific courses, which also will include a capstone project and career support. “You can get a nanodegree as you need it and earn new ones throughout your career, even if you need to switch paths,” writes Clarissa Shen, vice president of business development and partnership, in a Udacity blog post.

The first nanodegrees will take approximately six to 12 months to complete and will focus on four job titles: front-end web developer, back-end web developer, iOS developer, and data analyst. Shen adds that AT&T will offer as many as 100 paid internships to students who complete the programs successfully.

In addition to AT&T, companies such as Google, Facebook, salesforce.com, and the data management platform Cloudera have supported this effort. Udacity will announce when its first nanodegree courses go live at www.udacity.com/nanodegrees.

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