MBA Applicants: Why You?

APPLICANTS TO THE MBA program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C., now have only one essay question to answer: “Why you?”

The single question, which calls for a 750- word response, replaces last year’s requirement of two essays and a tweet.

In the past, applicants were more inclined to tell the school what they thought the admissions team wanted to hear or to repackage the values and attributes of the program in their essays, explains Shari Hubert, associate dean for MBA Admissions. “We are looking for an answer that cannot be found from research on our website.”

Hubert expects applicants to answer the question in a variety of ways, whether they describe their career aspirations or the traits that make them special. That means there’s no “right” answer to the question, she adds. “This is more about our applicants having an opportunity to show us who they are and how they think.”