print advertising file construction + specifications


Width by Height
Two-Page Spread 16.75" x 10.75" plus .125" bleed

Full Page 8.375" x 10.75" plus .125" bleed

2/3 Page Vertical 4.625” x 9.625”

1/2 Page Vertical 3.375” x 9.625”

1/2 Page Horizontal 7” x 4.5”

1/3 Page Vertical 2.25” x 9.625”

1/3 Page Square 4.625” x 4.625”

1/4 Page 3.375” x 4.625”


  • FULL PAGE TRIM SIZE: 8.375”x 10.75”
  • LIVE AREA FOR TYPE SAFETY: .375” (3/8”) in from trim edge
  • FULL PAGE AND TWO-PAGE BLEED: .125” (1/8”) out from trim edge

  • Four-color solids not to exceed SWOP density of 300 percent.
  • Supply single pages, not spreads.
  • Supply hard-copy proofs that match each digital file and are sized at 100 percent.


  • For black & white and four-color ads, we accept: high-resolution press-ready PDF with all fonts and images embedded.
  • All continuous tone images must have an effective resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Bitmapped images must have an effective resolution of at least 1200 dpi.


PROOFS: Advertisements supplied without a SWOP (Specifications Web Offset Publications) certified color proof will be printed to SWOP standards. Please visit for additional information on certified proofing and printing standards. The printer and/or publisher cannot be held liable for color complaints when an advertisement is submitted without an acceptable color proof.

ALTERATIONS: Requested alterations or advertisements requiring modifications to meet publication specifications will be advised and, if approved, billed at the publisher’s prevailing rates.

DISCLAIMER: BizEd will check advertiser’s print and digital ads. If additional work is necessary to ensure proper output, additional production charges may apply and the advertiser will forfeit any commission. Late charges may apply.

A SWOP certified color proof is the most accurate method of attempting to match colors on press. Other kinds of color proofs will not be considered an accurate representation of a display ad.

PRODUCTION CHARGES: Any materials (1) not conforming to the specifications outlined for display advertisements or (2) requiring proof changes (except for publisher’s errors) incur charges at the rate of 150 USD per hour.

Submission Deadlines:

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1. UPLOAD your print ad to and select "client login"

Username: bizedadvertise
Password: upload

Include your school/organization in the file name.

2. EMAIL notification that you have uploaded your ad to 2Communique and attach a PDF copy of the ad to